Scroll bar defeats Lord Monckton

I’ve been watching some of the videos from the Heartland’s fake climate conference in Las Vegas. It is the real cargo cult: all the trappings of a real conference, none of the substance.

Lord Monckton has a lunchtime keynote: light on the science, heavy on the showmanship, very heavy on the conspiracy theory. Perhaps the biggest conspiracy of all is that the UNFCCC is hiding their plans for World Domination.

If you go to the links where you were supposed to be able to find the documents of those conferences [COP18 & COP19], and you click on the button marked decisions, it is a self-referential link. It just goes back and back to the same page. You will not be able to find the decisions that they took, because they are so embarrassed that they no longer want you to know. The want to be able to get away this process without any demographic scrutiny whatsoever from anyone and we are not going to let them get away with it.[01:12:00]

So lets go to the webpage Monckton cites There is a button on this page marked “decisions”. Click on it. The same page reloads.

Now click the scroll bar and scroll down. What do you see? The documents that Monckton claims are hidden.

The scroll bar, what a devious device, defeats the finest mind amongst the climate sceptic.

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4 Responses to Scroll bar defeats Lord Monckton

  1. Marco says:

    This one’s a classic! Hope you don’t mind me sharing this with Barry Bickmore.

    • Go ahead and share. There’s more charm from Monckton in the video, including insinuations of fraud by Cook et al 2013. Apparently libel law is only there to threaten other people.

  2. John Mashey says:

    But how can this be?
    The University of Western Ontario Nerenberg Lecture is run by the Applied Mathematics dept:
    “The Nerenberg Lecture Series recognizes accomplished people having extraordinary and authentic things to say to a broad audience on the great ideas of our age relating to science and mathematics.”

    No one of that level could be defeated by a scrollbar, yet:

    2012: Monckton delivers Nerenberg lecture, which was at, but seems to have since disappeared. Searches for monckton at UWO website seem to find nothing relevant any more.
    You can watch the lecture at YouTube It did get mentioned elsewhere.

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