A deliberately misleading title?

How many readers at WUWT will read today’s headline

Strong evidence for ‘rapid climate change’ found in past millenia


Strong evidence for ‘rapid climate change’ found in past millennium,

a subtle difference with a very different meaning? (Yes there is a typo in his title – I only mention this so certain readers do not think it mine)

Watt’s introduction to the press release

From the University of South Carolina, comes this paper that offers strong evidence of ‘rapid climate change’ occurring within less than a thousand years, with some occurring over just decades to centuries, near the same scale that proponents of man-made climate change worry so greatly about today.

doesn’t give much away.

The paper Watt’s is referring to investigates δ15N in Cariaco Basin, off the coast of Venezuela during Marine Isotope Stage 3, over 36 thousand years ago. Not surprisingly, the record responds to Dansgaard-Oeschger events which have been known about for thirty years and are absolutely not analogous to current warming as Watt’s strives to imply.


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