I am so close to deleting my ResearchGate profile

Yesterday, it a fit of procrastination, I updated my ResearchGate profile, adding recently published papers.

I wish I hadn’t bothered.

Today I have been deluged (and I exaggerate only slightly – OK, perhaps more than slightly) with requests for copies of one of these papers.

This paper isn’t available only in the University of Bergen library in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying “Beware of The Leopard”.

Nor does it languish behind Elsevier’s monstrous paywalls.

It is in an open-access journal, available to read by anybody who cares to click on this link. Except that ResearchGate does not provide that link nor any other, instead it encourages readers to “request full-text” from me. Why? To encourage me to upload a copy of my paper to halt the requests. Why? I have no idea – I cannot see that it serves any useful purpose to host a copy of an open-access paper on ResearchGate.

While I am gratified that so many people are interested in reading my work, ResearchGate could have lightened the load on my email by simply linking to my paper.


About richard telford

Ecologist with interests in quantitative methods and palaeoenvironments
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7 Responses to I am so close to deleting my ResearchGate profile

  1. WebHubTelescope says:

    Yes, ResearchGate is getting on my nerves as well. They are allowing notorious cranks such as OM@nuel to spread general science disinformation. Not sure whether I should go after him because your credibility gets tainted just by proximity.

    • I cloaked this OM guy’s name in my comment and he has now decided to follow me on ResearchGate. I have now been tainted, and the taint won’t come off.

      Is there any way to block someone on ResearchGate?

  2. Chaam Jamal says:

    enjoyed your east asian monsoon variability paper.
    thank you.

  3. Hank Roberts says:

    hmmmm …. give ResearchGate an email address you use only for them to share, and set up an auto-responder that replies to all email to that address by giving the link to your online papers?

  4. jeffollerton says:

    It takes a matter of seconds to upload a full text paper, is it really such a chore? One of the things I value on ResearchGate is being able to interact with peers directly, knowing who is requesting and looking at and commenting on my work adds to the richness of academic interaction.

  5. Dan Wanson says:

    I would be grateful if people actually requested my publications that I worked so hard on, at least grateful enough to click a few buttons and make my desired papers more accessible. You seem to be focusing on HOW people get your papers rather than appreciating THAT they want your papers.

  6. Damon says:

    I I’m having a lot of problems with the ResearchGate. I’m being chased by a bad guy who was director of a laboratory where I worked. This guy spends the whole time going into my profile and causing problems on issues that I post. I have already asked to remove the issues and requested that that person no longer has access to my profile, but ResearchGate says it can not stop him from poking around in my profile. What do you mean? Why Not? This makes no sense! That’s completely ridiculous!

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