Albert Parker hides the acceleration

Albert Parker doesn’t want (you) to believe that the rise in sea-level is accelerating (spoiler – it is) so he hides it. In a post at WUWT, he shows maps of trends in sea-level for the period 1900-1975 and 1900 to 2014. He argues that the trends are very similar for both periods, and hence that there is no acceleration in sea level rise.


Sea-level trend 1900-1975


Sea-level trend 1900-2014

Fairly obviously, the two time periods overlap to a large extent so they are forced to share the same trend. This will make it very difficult to detect any change in trend between the two maps. If the trend in sea-level had been constant for the period 1900-1975 and then doubled for the period 1976-2014, the trend for the entire time period would only have gone up by a third. Even this large acceleration would be difficult to spot by eye.

A more honest approach would have been to compare (wait for it) the 1900-1975 trend with the 1976-2014 trend.

Screenshot from 2016-03-20 01:19:28.png

Sea-level trend 1976-2014

Compare these trends with the trends for 1900-2014. Many records report higher trends – look for example at Bergen – evidence of the acceleration that Parker is so desperate to hide.

Of course, if you really want to test for acceleration, you have to download and analyse the data.

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8 Responses to Albert Parker hides the acceleration

  1. Everett F Sargent says:

    Took me awhile, but I found the complete up to date A.A. Borelli/Albert Parker citation list on Google Scholar …

    Filed under: Fiction, Sea Level Rise

    JCU, WVU, MST?

  2. JCH says:

    Tamino’s latest SLR graph based on tide gauges:

  3. paulski0 says:

    Strangely, Parker makes no mention of the related article (labelled opinion piece) being published in what appears to be a real, if minor, journal.

    More of the same: make a mess of tide gauge analysis by not accounting for GIA land motion at high latitude sites, ignoring the much greater recent tide gauge coverage and for the dismount a blast from the past as they tilt the altimeter sea level trend to near-zero.

  4. John Mashey says:

    1) Albert Parker aka Alberto Boretti is another signer of the letter to Lamar Smith, along with Antero Ollila, whose use of predatory open access (vanity) journals was covered here recently.

    “F. OLLILA, Antero V., Dr.Tech, Adj. Ass. Professor (Emeritus) Aalto University, nine peer-reviewed research papers on the climate change (FINLAND).”
    Sadly, as shown above, Dr, Ollila has a different idea of peer review than most, but he must be pleased to be part of such an august group who took the time to help Lamar Smith waste American taxpayer money harassing NOAA. The other 3 here, and almost all the PRP and PSI signers (below) signed in the “D” and “E” rounds, before he did.

    E. PARKER, Dr. Albert, Scientist, Bundoora,(AUSTRALIA).”
    Parker was involved with Pattern Recognition in Physics., which didn’t last long. I’m not sure if that rates the same or below the usual vanity journals … but the Lamar Letter signers included 11 PRP folks: Don Easterbrook(US), Giovanni Gregori(IT), Ole Humlum(NO), Hans Jelbring(SE), Nils-Axel Morner(SE), Parker(AU), Nicola Scafetta(IT), Jan-Erik Solheim(NO), Willie Soon(US), Roger (“Tallbloke”) Tattersall(GB), Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera (MX). People may recognize some of these names.

    Other signers who have coauthored with Parker/Boretti include:
    “E. OLLIER, Cliff, D.Sc. Bristol. Emeritus Professor. Geologist. Author of books and many papers, especially on glaciation, sea level and carbon dioxide.(AUSTRALIA)” He is involved with the Lavoisier Group and has published a book claiming the world needs a lot more CO2.
    He is also involved with Principia Scientific International (PSI), whose “slayer” members generally reject the existence of the Greenhouse Effect. In fact, 14 of the signers are involved with PSI.

    “E. MANUEL, Oliver K, Emeritus Professor, University of Missouri, Former NASA Principal Investigator for Apollo, PhD – Nuclear Chemistry, Postdoc – Space Physics, Fulbright – Astrophysics”
    He is another member of PSI, but is most famous for his strongly-held idea that the Sun is mostly made of iron,as per The Sun is Iron (mostly), See also web page. and About, which includes:
    “8. Oliver K. Manuel and Alberto Boretti, “Yes, the Sun is a pulsar,” Nature (submitted 12 Dec 2012):

    That’s a 2-pager, which people might read to assess the quality of their work, but sadly, Nature seems to have declined to publish it.

  5. Eli Rabett says:

    Has the flow of water into the Baltic been restricted by dams and irrigation schemes?

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