Sub-decadal resolution reconstructions

I’m putting together my review of sub-decadal resolution reconstructions from microfossil assemblages and thought I ought to check if I have missed any.

The criteria are:

  • Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction from microfossil assemblages
  • Sub-decadal resolution – at least one fossil sample per decade
  • Reconstruction validated against instrumental data (ideally with the correlation calculated, or at least possible to calculate)

All three criteria need to be met. All microfossils (diatoms, pollen, forams etc) are within scope, as are reconstructions of any environmental variable.

So far I have:


  • Lotter (1998) Total phosphorus in Baldegersee
  • Alefs and Müller (1999) Total phosphorus in Ammersee and Starnberger See


  • De Jong and Kamenik (2011) Date of spring mixing in Lake Silvaplana
  • Hernández-Almeida et al. (2015) Calcium concentrations/wind speed in Lake Żabińskie
  • Hernández-Almeida et al. (2015) Number consecutive days with water < 4°C in Lake Żabińskie


  • Larocque and Hall (2003) July air-temperature in four lakes near Abisko
  • Larocque et al. (2009), Larocque-Tobler et al. (2011) July air-temperature from Lake Silvaplana
  • Larocque-Tobler et al. (2011) July air-temperature in Seebergsee
  • Larocque-Tobler et al. (2015) August air-temperature in Lake Żabińskie
  • Luoto and Ojala (2016) July air-temperature in Nurmijärvi
  • Zhang et al. (2017) July air-temperature in Tiancai Lake
  • Lang et al. (2017) July air-temperature in Speke Hall Lake

Are there any more?

I also want data to test the reproducibility of the reconstructions. I have the modern and fossil chironomid data from Lake Żabińskie, and fossil chronomid data from Tiancai, Seebergsee, and Silvaplana. I would be very interested in any of the other data.




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Ecologist with interests in quantitative methods and palaeoenvironments
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