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Merging taxa in assemblage data

One possible reason for the impossible percent values I’ve found in assemblages data is that taxa have been merged in Excel after percent were calculated. Doing anything in Excel is to invite disaster, if nothing else, it is very difficult … Continue reading

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A mean wind blows over Lake Żabińskie

I have largely neglected the chrysophyte-inferred reconstructions of winter severity and summer calcium concentrations/zonal wind speed from Lake Żabińskie even though they fall within the scope of my review of sub-decadal resolution reconstructions. This is not because I think this … Continue reading

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Pollen from the garden of forking paths

Most transfer functions for reconstructing past environmental changes are based on a calibration-in-space approach, with a modern calibration set of paired microfossil assemblages and environmental data. The alternative approach is calibration-in-time, with well-dated fossil assemblages and contemporaneous environmental data. I’ve … Continue reading

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The third chironomid calibration-in-time reconstruction

Most reconstructions of past environmental conditions derived from chironomid assemblages with transfer functions use a calibration-in-space approach, in which the calibration is a set of modern chironomid assemblages paired with modern environmental data. I am aware of three chironomid calibration-in-time … Continue reading

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The tangled web of Silvaplana papers

I’ve not written much about the Lake Silvaplana papers although they are as questionable as the Seebergsee and Zabinskie papers. I have now digitised the 150-year stratigraphy, my request to the authors for the data having been ignored. Together with … Continue reading

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Extracting data from a PDF image

Some scientists archive their data. Some scientists email their data on request. Some editors cajole authors into releasing data to interested parties. And sometimes none of these approaches yields data. What then? One option is to request data via the … Continue reading

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Bergen: a year with some sunshine

May was glorious.  December less so. The data are from the Geofysisk Institutt in Bergen. Here is the code I used

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