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Data archiving in palaeoecology

Perhaps the main impediment in trying to reproduce the results from Dr Larocque-Tobler’s papers was the incomplete archiving of data for several papers. So I had a look at he requirements for data archiving in journals that commonly publish palaeoecological … Continue reading

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Abisko, 2003

In the summer of 2003, our first summer in Bergen, Cathy and I took a grand tour of Scandinavia on the way to the Paleolimnology Symposium in Espoo. On the way, we stopped in Abisko, northern Sweden, for a few … Continue reading

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The ‘New York’ principle of site selection

If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere. It’s up to you, New York, New York. Palaeoecologists typically try to choose sites where the environmental variable they want to reconstruct is likely an important, ideally the most important, … Continue reading

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Pattern obfuscation of ocean pH

I noticed that my blog had been cited by a couple of papers, so I went to have a look. Albert Parker has a paper in Nonlinear Engineering. I’m sure this journal wasn’t chosen for the relevant expertise of the … Continue reading

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Palaeo papers can be retracted

Via Retraction Watch, I find that the conjecture, cherished by so many, that, unlike all other fields of science, there is absolutely no misconduct in palaeoecology may need revising ever so slightly as L & O have retracted Zou et … Continue reading

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The chironomid triennial

Over at the Subfossil Chironomid group on Facebook, Dr Larocque-Tobler posted a link to Zhang et al. (2017), describing it as impressive. I hadn’t seen the published version of Zhang et al, so I popped over fully prepared to be … Continue reading

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Reconstruction number 5

Climate modellers often run their models many times with slightly different initial configurations to get an ensemble of alternate realisations of climate history – parallel universes in silico. What is less well known is that certain proxies, mainly from small … Continue reading

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