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Bergen: a year with some sunshine

May was glorious.  December less so. The data are from the Geofysisk Institutt in Bergen. Here is the code I used Advertisements

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Statigraphic diagrams with ggplot

rioja::strat.plot is a great tool for plotting stratigraphic plots in R, but sometimes it is not obvious how to do something I want, perhaps a summary panel showing the percent trees/shrubs/herbs. Of course, I could extend strat.plot, but I do … Continue reading

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Package version control

One aspect of writing a manuscript that I find tedious is checking the versions of the R packages I used. So I wrote a small function to do this automatically. (I don’t use ​= as an assignment operator in my … Continue reading

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Been scooped? A discussion on data stewardship

  At Climate of the Past, there is a pre-print by Darrell Kaufman and others on the data stewardship policies adopted by the PAGES 2k special issue. Abstract. Data stewardship is an essential element of the publication process. Knowing how … Continue reading

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Odd ordination of the day

Your challenge is to identify half a dozen unexpected features in this Detrended Constrained Correspondence Analysis from Larocque-Tobler (2010). Bonus points if you can interpret the last two sentences of the caption.

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Pollen Spikes

Relative pollen abundance data can be difficult to interpret. If percent Pinus increases, it could be because pine trees became more common, or because other species became rarer. Pollen concentration (or ideally influx rates) can help resolve what is happening. … Continue reading

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Forthcoming quantitative palaeoecology PhD and Postdoc positions in Bergen

There are vacancies for a 3-year PhD position and a 3-year post-doctoral fellow position at the University of Bergen’s Department of Biology within the Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group as part of the European Research Council funded project Humans … Continue reading

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