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Bergen: a year with some sunshine

May was glorious.  December less so. The data are from the Geofysisk Institutt in Bergen. Here is the code I used Advertisements

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My presentation to IPA-IAL 2018

I’ve just given a presentation at the joint IPA-IAL conference in Stockholm Sub-decadal resolution palaeoenvironmental reconstructions from microfossil assemblages Download it! The deadline for applying for a reward for finding typos has expired.

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Warm summers in the Younger Dryas?

The Younger Dryas was a period (12,900–11,600 BP) towards the end of the last glaciation when glaciers re-advanced in Scotland and the tundra plants, including the eponymous Dryas, replaced the Bølling-Allerød forests in Denmark. These changes indicate the Younger Dryas was … Continue reading

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“Fossil Insect Study Suggests That Los Angeles Climate Has Been Relatively Stable for at Least 50,000 Years”

So sayeth the press release. But what about the paper, and the 182 beetles sampled from La Brea tar pits? Fossil preservation in the tar pits is exceptional, but the constant stream of gas through the tar deposits mixes the … Continue reading

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John Birks – At the frontiers of palaeoecology

This week, the University of Bergen is holding a seminar in honour of John Birks and his academic career so far. He retired earlier this year, at least from teaching and administration duties. Several well known palaeo/ecologists who have either … Continue reading

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The Sun’s apparent orbit is not an icosikaitetragon

The Sun appears to go around the Earth. Round that is, like a circle, not jumping every hour from one side to the next of a 24-sided polygon. Despite this, it is convenient to represent the Sun’s position in climate models as if … Continue reading

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Solar science Heartland style

[I wrote this some time back, but got distracted by Lord Monckton’s inability to use a scroll bar, and then lost momentum. Given Willie Soon’s return to media attention, I thought I should give his presentation a little loving, but … Continue reading

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