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Been scooped? A discussion on data stewardship

  At Climate of the Past, there is a pre-print by Darrell Kaufman and others on the data stewardship policies adopted by the PAGES 2k special issue. Abstract. Data stewardship is an essential element of the publication process. Knowing how … Continue reading

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Data archiving in palaeoecology

Perhaps the main impediment in trying to reproduce the results from Dr Larocque-Tobler’s papers was the incomplete archiving of data for several papers. So I had a look at he requirements for data archiving in journals that commonly publish palaeoecological … Continue reading

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Chironomid vs pollen: Holocene climate change in southern Europe

Pollen-inferred summer temperature reconstructions from southern Europe show cool early-Holocene summers and warmer late-Holocene summers (Davis et al 2003, Mauri et al 2015). In contrast,  warm early-Holocene summers are reconstructed elsewhere in Europe and most of the mid-high latitude Northern … Continue reading

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Data archiving at The Holocene: policy and practice

When I read a recent paper in The Holocene,  I wondered, the way one does, if the data were available, and turned to The Holocene’s submission guidelines. SAGE [the publisher] acknowledges the importance of research data availability as an integral … Continue reading

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