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There is a memory in the dirt at the bottom of the sea

There is a memory in the dirt at the bottom of the sea. It is in the number of different sorts of small dead animals which we can use to find out how warm or cold the sea was in … Continue reading

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Independent adventures in uncertainty: sea-ice reconstructions

One of the assumptions of transfer functions is that the calibration set observations are independent. If they are not independent of each other, for example because of spatial autocorrelation, the transfer function performance statistics will be biased, appearing to be … Continue reading

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Dinocysts and autocorrelation: Guiot and de Vernal (2011) line by line

I didn’t intend to write about Guiot and de Vernal (2011) as I have already published a comment on this paper, but new papers on Arctic sea-ice reconstructions are dismissing my work on transfer functions and citing Guiot and de Vernal (2011) as … Continue reading

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