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Albert Parker hides the acceleration

Albert Parker doesn’t want (you) to believe that the rise in sea-level is accelerating (spoiler – it is) so he hides it. In a post at WUWT, he shows maps of trends in sea-level for the period 1900-1975 and 1900 … Continue reading

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The peer review of Ollila (2016)

Climate skeptics occasionally publish papers in journals featured on Beall’s list of predatory journals. Various blogs will then proclaim the new addition to the peer-reviewed literature. And so it is with Ollila (2016), featured today on WUWT. Since these papers … Continue reading

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CFC concentrations not emissions affect ozone

Steve Goreham has written something for WUWT. That is enough to know it is going to be bad. How bad? This bad: Another year has passed and that stubborn Ozone Hole over Antarctica refuses to go away. Data from the … Continue reading

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The Sun’s apparent orbit is not an icosikaitetragon

The Sun appears to go around the Earth. Round that is, like a circle, not jumping every hour from one side to the next of a 24-sided polygon. Despite this, it is convenient to represent the Sun’s position in climate models as if … Continue reading

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The lure of underwater volcanoes

If there is a hierarchy of climate sceptics, those who deny that the observed increase in atmospheric CO2 concentrations is driven by burning fossil fuels and land use change will be near the bottom. Only those who deny that CO2 concentrations are increasing … Continue reading

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Not pHraud but pHoolishness

By a curious coincidence, many climate sceptics are also ocean acidification sceptics. Some, for whom a rose by any other name would not smell so sweet, try to hide their rejection of reality behind semantics, arguing that ocean acidification should … Continue reading

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Q: Why are there no intra-annual patterns in global temperature anomalies?

A: because they are anomalies. Climate sceptics want to be taken seriously. They want to hold joint conferences with climate scientists. It is not impossible for climate sceptics to do good research, though whether the odds are better than a monkey … Continue reading

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