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Extracting data from a PDF image

Some scientists archive their data. Some scientists email their data on request. Some editors cajole authors into releasing data to interested parties. And sometimes none of these approaches yields data. What then? One option is to request data via the … Continue reading

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More trouble counting to fifty

Earlier this week at the palaeolimnology symposium, Gavin told me that it had not dawned on him that the count sum could be estimated from percent data using our knowledge of rank abundance curves. I only recently realised this; previously … Continue reading

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My presentation to IPA-IAL 2018

I’ve just given a presentation at the joint IPA-IAL conference in Stockholm Sub-decadal resolution palaeoenvironmental reconstructions from microfossil assemblages Download it! The deadline for applying for a reward for finding typos has expired.

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How many is fifty? Sanity checks for assemblage data.

This week I’m at the Palaeolimnology Symposium in Stockholm this week. I have a couple of presentations. I gave the first this morning to the chironomid “DeadHead” meeting. I showed some sanity checks for assemblage data, some of which are … Continue reading

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Sub-decadal resolution reconstructions

I’m putting together my review of sub-decadal resolution reconstructions from microfossil assemblages and thought I ought to check if I have missed any. The criteria are: Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction from microfossil assemblages Sub-decadal resolution – at least one fossil sample per … Continue reading

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Finding singletons in real data

I have argued that the rarest species in an assemblage should typically be represented by a single individual, and that this can be used to estimate the count sum when this is not reported. Now I want to test this … Continue reading

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A paper with insufficient and misleading information

Sometimes papers reporting transfer functions don’t give enough information for the reader to properly evaluate the model. Take for example Massaferro and Larocque-Tobler (2013) who report a chironomid-based mean annual air temperature transfer function for Patagonia and its application to … Continue reading

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