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Pattern obfuscation of ocean pH

I noticed that my blog had been cited by a couple of papers, so I went to have a look. Albert Parker has a paper in Nonlinear Engineering. I’m sure this journal wasn’t chosen for the relevant expertise of the … Continue reading

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Bob Irvine’s zombie paper (hide the tin foil)

A couple of years ago, I criticised a paper by Bob Irvine published by WIT (a publisher on Beal’s List of possibly predatory publishers). Shortly afterwards, the paper was retracted with the editor writing “I have now received the result … Continue reading

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CFC concentrations not emissions affect ozone

Steve Goreham has written something for WUWT. That is enough to know it is going to be bad. How bad? This bad: Another year has passed and that stubborn Ozone Hole over Antarctica refuses to go away. Data from the … Continue reading

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Dissembling with graphs: Murry Salby edition

Perhaps the easiest way to mislead your audience, or indeed yourself, is to generate deceptive graphics. Murry Salby is to be saluted for his mastery of this art, with several fine examples in his recent London lecture. Here are the … Continue reading

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The most interesting part of Murry Salby’s lecture

I watched Murry Salby’s London lecture: it was awful. Salby addresses what he calls the core issue of climate change (0:2:30) “Why is atmospheric CO2 increasing?” The answer is obvious – because of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel burning and … Continue reading

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The Sun’s apparent orbit is not an icosikaitetragon

The Sun appears to go around the Earth. Round that is, like a circle, not jumping every hour from one side to the next of a 24-sided polygon. Despite this, it is convenient to represent the Sun’s position in climate models as if … Continue reading

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Willie Soon at Heartland: “The sun is big”

Dr Willie Soon is in the news again. His recent paper with Monckton et al ended with the conflict of interest statement The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest. A statement seeming at odds with his long … Continue reading

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