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Funky ordination plots with ggvegan

Yesterday, I tweeted a photo of a ordination I plotted with ggvegan, and thought I should show how I made it. ggvegan and ggplot make it easy to make complex ordination plots pic.twitter.com/zmEal7W4Q8 — Richard Telford (@richardjtelford) April 10, 2019 … Continue reading

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Dissembling with graphs: Murry Salby edition

Perhaps the easiest way to mislead your audience, or indeed yourself, is to generate deceptive graphics. Murry Salby is to be saluted for his mastery of this art, with several fine examples in his recent London lecture. Here are the … Continue reading

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Colour coding points in a graph

Sometimes it is useful to colour code points on a graph according to a categorical variable. There are, as always, several ways to do this. It would be possible to use nested ifelse() statements, but that way lies insanity if … Continue reading

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