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Chironomid assemblage change in Seebergsee

Palaeoecology could, to a large extent, be described as the study of changes in fossil assemblages: what we can learn from changes in foraminifera assemblages over the last interglacial cycle, from palynological assemblages as Neolithic agriculture spread across Europe, or … Continue reading

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A failed attempt to reproduce two ordinations

To examine the millennium-long chironomid-inferred air temperature reconstruction from Seebergsee (Larocque-Tobler et al 2012) is, after having shown that the calibration-in-time reconstruction for the upper section of the core (Larocque-Tobler et al 2011) has no skill, to flog the proverbial … Continue reading

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The three chronologies from Seebergsee

Accurate and precise chronologies are important for all comparisons of palaeoecological records. This is especially true for the validation of sub-decadal resolution reconstructions against instrumental data: a chronological error of only a year or two will seriously degrade the apparent … Continue reading

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Calibration-in-time at Seebergsee

Most transfer functions for reconstructing palaeoenvironmental variables from microfossil assemblages use a modern calibration set of paired microfossil and environmental data from many sites. This is sometimes known as the calibration-in-space approach. An alternative approach adopted by a few papers … Continue reading

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